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Let us show you how to use our GHS Assistant. Try our large database, easy operation and rich functions.

GHS Assistant Software

"GHS Assistant" is SDS -MSDS/labels authoring software with the latest
Chemical name dictionary and local regulations ..

For more than 10 years we have been providing EU Standards compliant software "SDS Assistant - Japanese-English edition - ". Now we have developed it into GHS Standards, called "GHS Assistant". It has Japanese edition, Simplified Chinese edition, EU edition, CLP English edition.

【Key Features】
Once you set your company's products categories, anyone can easily create SDSMSDS and generate container labels using correct and accurate data.
★Easy to use its browser-based interface.
★The list of hazardous substances is selectable!
★Outputs phrases and regulations in major Asian and European countries and their languages.
★CreatesSDS/container labels for exporting to other countries from basic SDS data registered.

*Traditional Chinese version and Southeast Asia version, such as India, Malaysia, Singapore will be launched soon.

Technical Assistant Service

We provide technical assistance for you to complete the MSDS for Japan, China in local languages.
We also write your MSDS in Japanese, Chinese proof read by the local staffs for you from as little as US$220. Prices vary based on the complexity and the date of delivary.
Please contact us from here.

Contact us

midashi 14.01.15 Updated the list of Priority Assessment Chemical Substances.
Applied the latest TSCA and California Proposition 65 list.
Applied the latest Report of Work Exposed to Harmful Substances.
Added new function in initial setting enables to select the output content
of Poisonous and Deleterious Substances.
midashi 13.12.09 applied the latest EU CLP Regulation.
fixed some bugs.
midashi 13.11.05 added the latest data of Industrial Safety and Health Act and Prevention of Dangers or Health Impairment Act.
applied output of Marine Pollutant to comply with JIS Z7253.
midashi 13.10.09 Japan GHS substance subject to classification list (165 items) published by NITE on 7th July has been updated.
midashi 13.04.25 Applied to the recent revision of the laws of Japan.
Updated to correspond the latest data such as TSCA, California prop etc.
in the US version.
midashi 13.03.08 Added the latest California prop data to the safety sheets targeting the United States and others.
midashi 13.01.31 Applied to the recent revision of the laws of Japan.
midashi 13.01.01 Applied to the recent revision of the laws of Japan.
midashi 13.01.01 To the U.S. version, applied the latest TSCA, OSHA and California prop to the data.
midashi 13.01.01 Updated to support Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health enforced on January 1.
midashi 13.01.01 Updated to correspond the latest data such as TSCA, OSHA, California prop etc. in the US version.
midashi 12.11.21 Started updating the revision history information of SDS/MSDS authoringtool "GHS Assistant"
midashi 12.10.23 Added the OSHA data to the data tables such as flash point, initial boiling point and explosion limit reference.
midashi 12.04.11 Integrated our Tokyo office and Shiga office.
We started to run business at our new office on April 20.
*There is no change on the customer support.
【New Office】
KOHGA Building 3F, 4-23-8Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
TEL:81-3-5424-3016 FAX:81-3-5424-3018
midashi 12.02.28 Renovated our Homepage.
midashi 12.02.18 Added the setting items of the screen width option and non-print option, to the material code registration screen.
midashi 11.11.11 The output option of the allowable concentration became selectable in the Chapter 8, China data. The output control of China laws and regulations data became selectable in the environment setting screen.
midashi 11.11.03 We started the rental monthly fee-based servicefor SDS/MSDS authoring tool "GHS Assistant".
midashi 11.11.03 Started a monthly rental fee-based service for the tool "GHS Assistant" that generates SDS, MSDS and container labels.
midashi 11.09.29 Added a print preview function for general-purpose label printer.